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The whole place is dedicated to artistic expression

Eden Ouest is a place of rich artistic creativity.
Sculptures, paintings and stain glass works fill the house,
a place entirely designed by painter Lise, the co-owner.
In this guesthouse open to all and all forms of art,
Lise has revisited the spirit of the traditional guesthouse to deliver her vision of paradise.
Under its roof, art is embedded in the daily life of the landlords and their guests.
It flourishes freely and is available to all, in a happy harmony reminiscent of what nature can offer.
Lise’s next-door studio may host cultural events or even guests.
Two or three times a year, along with her artist friends from the Cub-Art collective (a groupe of artists from the Albigeois region, homeland of the landlords),
Lise organises exhibitions and the house becomes a place where artists, guests et people from La Rochelle can meet up.